The Journal des Anthropologues publishes original articles in print and online. Two years following publication, these articles can be found in an “open access” database in the public domain, meaning authors are under obligation to waive their copyrights.

Each article proposal is the subject of an initial evaluation by the team responsible for each thematic dossier or section; they may request changes before transmitting the proposal to the editorial board or decline the submission.

The editorial board designates two rapporteurs, one internal and one external. In the event of divergent opinions, a third reading is requested. On this basis, the drafting committee takes its decision (accepted as is ; suggestions of modifications ; accepted with some revisions ; refusal).

Important observation : the Journal anonymizes the papers or their assessments.

The Journal accepts inclusive writing. The choice of adopted standards is yours to make, but must be coherent throughout the article.

Articles may include two good quality illustrations with clear captions : photos, maps, drawings, graphics, etc… (choices will be made jointly with the persons in charge of the section).


To facilitate the quick and proper formatting of your contributions :

Send your text via electronic mail in WORD or RTF format after verifying it follows these mandatory formatting guidelines:

single spacing, font size 12
sufficient margins to allow for corrections (about 3 cm on each side)
vernacular terms in italics
citations do not appear in italics
footnotes on every page
bibliographic references cited in the body of the text (author, date) have to be placed at the end of text.
an abstract in French and English (ten lines) and 4 to 6 keywords in French and in English
indication of your home institution, as well as your personal details.

Bibliography Format Start each reference at the left margin.

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